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Facts to Know about Blackjack before Playing in Lviv Casinos

If you are planning to visit Lviv casinos, there is a good chance that you are going to play some blackjack. A lot of people believe that they know everything there is to know about blackjack already, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Most people are unaware of a lot of things about this game and knowing these facts is definitely beneficial because it can boost your odds of winning and help you improve your game. You can have a more fun and entertaining experience at Lviv casinos when you are familiar with the game.

Some of the facts that you should know about blackjack before playing the game in Lviv casinos are outlined below:

  • It is the best game in the casino

The first thing you need to know about blackjack is that the game offers you the most mental stimulation than any other game in Lviv casinos because it requires you to make decisions about how you will play your hands. If you are able to make the right decisions, you will be able to lower the house edge as compared to any other game that you will play in Lviv casinos. The house edge basically indicates how much advantage the casino has over the player.

Games like slot machines in Lviv casinos have a house edge of almost 10%, whereas the house edge is 5.26% when you are playing roulette. As far as the craps table is concerned, the best bets have a house edge of around 1.41%. However, if you put in some effort to learn how to play blackjack correctly, you will be able to enjoy a house edge of less than 1%.

  • The casino can make more money on blackjack than the house edge states

Some people are aware that blackjack boasts a house edge between 0.5% and 1%. But, if you check out statistics of Lviv casinos and others, you will notice that the actual winnings are actually between 4% and 5%. This is because most of the players sitting at the blackjack table repeatedly make bad decisions. Rather than doing so, you need to become familiar with basic strategy and stick to it, which will allow you to do a lot better than other people playing in Lviv casinos.

  • Some blackjack games are much better than others

An important thing that you need to know about blackjack is that the rules for this game can vary for different Lviv casinos and even from table to table within one casino. Some of the differences in these rules have a minor impact on the math behind the game, but there are some that can make a major difference. It is best for you to understand the rules before you go in, as this can help you in finding the best blackjack games to play.

  • Card counting is fully legal

Most casinos out there, including Lviv casinos, would love for people to believe that counting cards in blackjack is against the law. But, this is not the reality. If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense that thinking carefully about the game you are playing would be illegal. If you are using some external device to help you in cheating, then that would certainly be illegal. But, counting cards is definitely not. But, there are Lviv casinos that do ban customers if they suspect that they are counting cards, but it certainly doesn’t make it illegal. It only means that the casinos don’t want the player to win.

  • It is easy to learn basic strategy

Some people are under the misconception that it is too difficult to learn or a lot of hassle to learn the correct play for every blackjack situation you will encounter in Lviv casinos. But, you will come to know that it is a lot easier to memorize basic strategy than you would believe. If you are a visual learner and you make use of a color-coded chart, you will be able to learn basic strategy very quickly. You can also find plenty of guidance on the internet about how to memorize basic strategy for blackjack and it is not that difficult.

  • Using the right strategy will not give you an edge

One of the most vital things that every blackjack player needs to remember is that you simply cannot get an edge over Lviv casinos or those anywhere else, just by learning how to play the perfect strategy. Sure, you can use the right strategy for reducing the house edge when it comes to blackjack, but the house will still have an edge. It will only be at the lowest possible number. Along with basic strategy, you will require another advantage tactic if you have to gain a mathematical edge over the casino.

  • There are other ways to get an edge

Every time people think about professional blackjack players, they consider them to be card counters. However, it is important to know that counting cards is not the only way that you can win at blackjack in Lviv casinos and get a mathematical edge. As a matter of fact, there are other options that you can try out. One advantage technique that is used commonly by blackjack professionals is known as shuffle tracking. Likewise, there is also hole carding that can be used for getting an edge over the casino.

  • The actions of other players don’t affect you

A common myth about blackjack is that when another player at the blackjack table makes a mistake, such as hitting when they should have stood, they are messing things up for the whole table. As a matter of fact, when the player hits and obtains a 10 that would have busted the dealer, it is incredibly easy for people to fall for this fallacy. But, the reality is that the mistakes of one player will have absolutely no impact on your edge over the casino in blackjack. Mathematically, it will not make any difference.

  • Blackjack is the most popular table game in the casino

There was a time when roulette was the top game in casinos all over the globe. Then, craps caught up and managed to overtake roulette for the top spot. But, the technique of counting cards was made public by Edward Thorp and some other advantage players in the 1960s and early 1970s, which meant that players could get an edge over the casino. This stimulated interest in blackjack and now it has become the most popular table game in Lviv casinos and everywhere else. It generates a lot of revenue and is played by a lot of people visiting the casino.

  • The dealer doesn’t affect your winning chances

There are some people out there who believe that the dealer has some sort of control over whether you will win or lose at blackjack. This is far from the truth. The fact is that a deck of cards is completely random and blackjack dealers don’t use card mechanic techniques for cheating players. However, dealers do have the ability of thwarting card counters. They get to decide how and when to shuffle the deck. If they start shuffling the deck more often, they will automatically eliminate the edge a player may have gained by counting.

  • Most blackjack dealers don’t give good strategy advice

Whether it is the blackjack dealers in Lviv casinos or anywhere else, they will give you lousy advice. For instance, you will consistently hear from the dealers that you should take insurance when it is being offered to you. This is definitely not good advice because the insurance is a sucker bet. In addition, it should also be noted that not all blackjack dealers understand basic strategy. Hence, it is best to not rely on the advice they give and do things on your own.

  • Insurance is not a good bet

In order to understand that insurance is not a good bet, you first need to know how insurance works in blackjack in Lviv casinos. If the dealer has an ace as their card, you can ‘take insurance’. This is a side bet that is only allowed in this situation. There is also a specific amount involved in this side bet i.e. it should be half the size of the original bet you have made. If the dealer has a 10, the insurance will pay off at 2 to 1. As you have lost your original bet, the payoff on insurance means that you will be able to hit breakeven.

However, insurance remains a negative expectation bet. The deck just doesn’t have enough 10s to make it a positive wager in such a situation. But, if you are counting cards, then you will probably be aware when the deck has a higher percentage of 10s left in it. In that situation, insurance might turn out to be a positive expectation bet, but that alerts the casino that you are counting cards.

  • Not all books offer good advice

Before visiting Lviv casinos, many people may turn to books to get advice on how to play popular games. There are some good books out there that can provide guidance and solid advice. But, you have to bear in mind that not every book that is published is going to be worth reading. There are a lot of books on blackjack that offer awful advice to the players. The basic strategy to play blackjack is available in various books and websites and it is not that complicated. Don’t opt for books that only make it overly complicated.

  • Most players don’t know what they are doing

The reason that blackjack offers a house edge of 4% to 5% to Lviv casinos is because most of the players who are sitting at the blackjack table are not aware of basic strategy. Even if some players are familiar with it, they choose to ignore it in favor of their hunches. The fact is that if they really knew what they were doing, then the house edge would have been not more than 1%, but it is higher because they don’t have the right knowledge needed for blackjack.

  • You don’t have to get close to 21

Another common misconception that people have about blackjack is that you have to get as close as possible to 21 without going over. But, you need to know that your goal is to actually beat the dealer. If the dealer has what appears to be a ‘stiff hand’, then your best option would be to stand on a hand that you would try hitting if you were focused solely on getting as close as possible to 21 but not going over. In such situations, you have to stand so you don’t bust. Then, you hope that the dealer will bust. Basic strategy determines the correct play in every situation and that’s what you need to learn before you visit Lviv casinos.

  • Betting systems are ineffective in blackjack

There are some people who may try to use betting systems when they decide to play blackjack in Lviv casinos. None of the betting systems will work in this game. In blackjack, there is a strong possibility of a long losing streak in which case you will end up chasing your losses. Doing this is never a good idea. Likewise, most betting systems will involve doing so, which means there is absolutely no point in using them. Bear in mind that card counting is not a betting system and it can give you the advantage you need to reduce the house edge.

It appears that blackjack will remain the most popular table game in Lviv casinos for some time to come. After all, this game gives players a better chance to win than most. The only real trick is to become an expert at blackjack and as long as you make the effort, you will be able to do so and reduce the edge that stands in your way.